The Gardens without the Flowers

Every photographer who is based in the Philadelphia area has visited Longwood Gardens in Kennet Square, PA. It is world-renowned for its horticultural displays, and is filled with color indoors and out. You would be hard-pressed to walk away from Longwood without a few hundred shots of water lilies, orchids, landscapes, and other fascinating organic life.

But on a recent trip with my daughter, I wanted to capture some of the other details in the gardens, those that have little to do with the flowers. As you walk throughout their many acres, they have so many other things to notice. So I wanted to show some of my recent shots of Longwood Gardens without any (or minimal) flower shots.

I have taken literally thousands of photos in Longwood Gardens. Most of them are of flowers and landscapes. But every time we go there, there’s always some new non-floral detail that catches your eye. Anyone visiting the Philadelphia area, should spend a day there (anytime of the year).

And the last photo is my beautiful daughter, who makes an amazing subject all the time.


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